In ancient China and among ancient Egyptians, find the Cult of the Dragon. In fact, about 4600 years ago, these two ancient civilisations had keenly studied the Alfa Draconis star located near the celestial North Pole which was then identified with the Polar Star, the navel of heaven (the Polar Star hasn't always the same position because of equinox precession). Hence, it wasn't by chance that egyptian astronomers of the IVth dynasty (2700 B.C.) had based their temporal calculations on the constellation of the Dragon which was related to the Goddess Ta-Urt (Red Dragon), the Mother of cyclical upheavals.

Indeed, the Cult of the Dragon continued along the whole dynastic period of ancient Egypt and it was proved that, during the thirty dynasties, the night-Fire cult had a more relevant role to some with respect of others. With this respect, it is interesting to notice that some pharaohes of the XIXth and XXth dynasties were named Ramses or Sety, which meant: 'Son of the Sun' and 'Worshipper of Set' respectively. It can therefore be assumed thah the worshipped Sun was the Serpent-Sun (night-Fire), the night star. Thus, these pharaohes were the Sons of the Sun, the Worshippers of the Serpent.

The Draconian Cult of the Sons of the Sun (Worshippers of the Serpent) has re-emerged today with all its power, after 2000 years of obscurantism. The fondation of the XXXIst dynasty, which I wanted, is confirming this event, the ideal prolonging of ancient Egyptian tradition.

Everyone who practises Draconian Cult, is by right a Draconian. They worship the image of the Dragon which, nowadays, is identified in the Great Scarlet Dragon (the Red Dragon-Serpent, the Wild 8-Headed and 13-Horned Beast), astronomically represented by the Red Dragon Typhon (the seven stars of Orion and the star of Sirius of the Major Dog).

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