Dossier Nigeria

(Top Secret)


by Juan Francisco Delgado

I am a detective journalist active in the field of occult sciences. In 1989 I carried out investigations into Umberto Eco's Foucault Pendulum and, eight years later, I discovered Frank Ripel, today's the most enigmatic figure interested in Mystery. In this regard, I wrote an article entitled Interview with Antichrist that has been put in the Website of Antichrist:

In Spring 1998 I left for Italy, destination Triest. My intention was to meet the elusive Frank Ripel, the head of the most powerful esoteric association in the world. We met in a famous café in Triest, the town located on the Umbilicus Mundi, the centre of the world that gives the power to dominate and govern all the natural strengths of our planet.

Secrets and revelations beyond every expectation emerged from that meeting… including the last disconcerting sentence: "The Earth will change soon and a New Dawn will come". It is true, the world has really changed since 11th September 2001,  but what did Ripel mean with that enigmatic sentence? My question remained unanswered and I decided, therefore, to visit him again.

Talking with the Master.

In Autumn 2002 I wrote Mr Ripel about my wish to meet him again and He answered that he would be pleased to have me as his guest in his house. A few days later I informed him that I was coming. Mr Ripel received me politely and invited me to take a seat in a small parlour. After a short wait the Master came in, the look in his eyes was resolute… his face more disquieting than ever. We greeted each other and after the usual exchange of courtesies he lead me to the Sancta Sanctorum, the Master's secret room.

We sat in two comfortable armchairs and started to talk. Making reference to our first meeting, I asked him what he meant with that enigmatic sentence. He answered that the sentence related to the events taking place on Earth and gave me an exhausting explanation. We went on talking. Suddenly the telephone rang. He apologised himself and asked me to wait a couple of minutes, for he had been awaiting a call. I was left alone in the Master's secret room… surrounded by disquieting paintings on the walls, in front of me the rich book shelves with esoteric works, the writing table in the corner. I got closer and saw a dossier on it, with the following title:

Dossier Nigeria (Top Secret)

The plot of the Thirty - six Elders of Sion for the conquest of the world.

(Printed version of a file reserved for the Twelve Heads of  the O.E.K.)

Particularly for a detective journalist like me, concerned with occult sciences, the temptation to examine the dossier was too strong. I opened it and I found some papers. Instinctively, I took my pocket - book from my jacket and started to write down notes.

The first six sheets were Frank Ripel's writings – reserved for the Twelve Heads of the Order of the Enlightened Knights – that revealed the plot of the Thirty-six Elders of Sion.

The first sheet contained historical notes that reconstructed the history of the Protocols of the Sion's Elders.  They reported a series of twenty-four programme - declarations for the conquest of the world. In 1905, the same declarations appeared in a book by Nilus.

On the second sheet I found historical notes on Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff, the founder of the Thule Society (the esoteric society from which Adolf Hitler derived his spiritual and political formation). The notes reported that, during the 1912-1913 Balcan war, under the protection of the rich Termudi family (Jewish traders and refined scholars in the Cabbala), the baron was elected head of the Rosary Order. Moreover, they added that a member of the Termudi family, browsing through the Baron's papers, found and copied a piece of writing: the secret Plan of the Thirty-six Secret Heads of the Temple's Order.

The third sheet was the Jewish plan for the conquest of the world. It stated that in 1917 the Termudi family – drawing inspiration from the Protocols and the secret Plan – decided to establish a secret corporation, called the Thirty-six Elders of Sion (capitalist - Jewish), with the aim of gradually gaining control over all secret services through the recruitment of infiltrators (operatives). By doing so, they would be in a position to stir up conflicts in order to block everything and fish in troubled waters. Their ultimate end was the fulfilment of all the prophecies of St. John's Apocalypse.

The fourth sheet, dealing with the political power of the Thirty-six Elders of Sion, reported that since 1948 the power of the Thirty-six Elders of Sion had increased dramatically thanks to their infiltrates into the secret services. By 1981 it had become considerable, yet it was not enough: the Thirty-six Elders were afraid… that the Secret Plan of the Thirty-six Invisible Men (the Secret Heads of the Temple's Order) could come true. Manipulating the Left politically, they decided, therefore, to exploit a renowned Italian writer. Without the latter's knowing, in the space of seven years they passed on to him fundamental information to write a 'pitfall – book' that, in the form of a novel, acted as a decoy. They wanted to ascertain whether somebody would be able to complete the jigsaw puzzle… somebody did so and the world started to change.

The fifth sheet described the plot of the Thirty-six Elders of Sion to conquer the world, i.e. the plan that would allow the fulfilment of the prophecies of St. John's Apocalypse. On the sheet it was written that in the year 2000 the decision was taken to use Usama Bin Laden (identified as the beast rising from the earth) – the head of Al Qaeda (the terrorist organization based in Afghanistan). Moreover, it was decided to use Saddam Hussein (identified as the beast rising from the sea) – the Rais of Iraq (the old Chaldea where Babylon was founded). In the end, in 2001 it was decided to use Him, the great Scarlet Dragon, the ancient snake, the one called Satan (literally "accuser"). But to trap the Dragon a clever trick was needed… the dossier Nigeria.

In the sixth sheet I found the plan to trap the Great Scarlet Dragon. The sheet told that in Summer 2002 Mr Ripel was contacted, with the aim of involving him in Arab terrorism. By e-mail, a one Mr Mustapha Hamzdy, Managing Director of a front-line stock-brokering company based in Nigeria proposed to him to invest twenty - four million dollars in Italy. It was an alluring proposal, but it contained a clever, conjurer-like trick that, later, would make it impossible for Mr Ripel to provide evidence of the lawful provenance of the money. As a result, Mr Ripel would be arrested and suspected of being the  "deus ex machina" of Arab terrorism. To make everything credible, around Mr Ripel an apocalyptic scenario was to be created.

The papers included e-mail messages and faxed documents, from the N.N.P.C. (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) and the Federal Ministry of Finance, to authorize the transfer of twenty - four million dollars in favour of Frank Ripel, through the C.B.N. (Central Bank of Nigeria).

On the last sheet but one I found a comment by Frank Ripel and wrote it down:  "In those days – early August 2002 – the Ark of the Heavenly Alliance went into play: floods, earthquakes and the like… the preamble of the beginning of the End had started". And it went on saying: "I received payment of twenty - four million dollars from the N.N.P.C. for the delivery and installation of pipes, dating back to 4th March 2001, which I had never effected. All that seemed to me a trap (coded: 10, 4, 80, 4. Bloc 15, Format IWP. Lin. 6, 7, 8, 10, 11). Before the trap sprang shut I took an unforeseeable move: I declared to my financial advisor – I suspected that my statements were being tapped by the secret services – that I had a file ready, to be put on the Internet, to report the facts to the police. That declaration would allow me to stop everything and the Thirty - six Madmen of Sion would never be able to execute their wicked plan… a true masterstroke on the chessboard".

On the last sheet there was a list of the elements that were meant to make up the apocalyptic scenario which, in turn, was to involve the Dragon into a grim event… and a conclusive comment on his part.

1. In Nigeria the financial interests of Usama Bin Laden are very strong.

2. The Italian secret services maintain that in Italy there are Westerners who have embraced the cause of the Arab terrorism.

3. The Italian secret services warn against the real hazard of attacks on Christian religious targets.

4. A handful of Moslems who were planning to blow off a bomb in a church were arrested in Bologna (Frank Ripel's opinion: "After the Dragon's move the entire operation could not be blocked, yet it could at least have been deflated").

5. Eleven Arabs were arrested for receiving money from Arab terrorist organizations.

6. George Bush is ready to wage war against Saddam Hussein.

In the framework of the "jigsaw-puzzle theory", Frank Ripel's conclusive comment presented a revised vision of the story. According to that version, Frank Ripel had been given twenty-four million dollars and, a few days later, a bomb was to go off in a church in Bologna. Investigations were to disclose the transfer of a considerable amount of money, of suspicious provenance (Nigeria is a country where Usama Bin Laden's interests are very strong) and unknown origin to Mr Ripel's bank account (Mr Ripel's records would turn out to be forged and, therefore, would be useless). Mr Ripel was to be arrested under charges of embracing the Arab cause. Dulcis in fundo, the arrest of the eleven Arab citizens for receiving money from Arab terrorist organizations was to take place. As an antichristian, Frank Ripel was the ideal target… he was to become an absolutely plausible figure in the eyes of the public (see the Internet sites on Mr Ripel, entitled "Frank G. Ripel's esoteric philosophy, the Antichrist, the son of Satan, with his plan to wage war against Christianity…"). Everything appeared to be perfectly regular… and that was the convenient justification offered to George W. Bush to declare war, together with the European allies, against Saddam Hussein. But at the last moment the justification was missing… and Mr Bush declared: "We know that Saddam Hussein is guilty, but we don't have the justification for waging war against him".

The Dragon's writing ended with a message addressed to the Thirty - six Elders of Sion, which I wrote down on my note-book: "Ah, you cry, you defeated, and a word comes out of your corrupt lips, a cry of hope: Redemption! Redemption from what, old Madmen, you shouldn't have tried to play the leading role! You have been punished, with your very arts. You have tried to deceive the Scribe of Illusion in the belief of being just onlookers, but you have fallen into the trap. You have tried to change the novel of the world, and the novel of the world ensnares you into its plot, which you have not decided, and clutches you firmly to it. You Fools! If only you were never born!".

The steps of the Master on the corridor distracted my attention. I closed the dossier and sat back in the armchair. The Master came into the room, apologised for the long interruption and we resumed our conversation. In the end, I reminded to him that a question had remained unanswered, for he had promised me to tell me the rule of the oscillations of the Pendulum. With his hoarse voce he revealed the rule: "The Pendulum oscillates from the right to the left and from the left to the right, but what matters is who sets it in motion".

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