Historical Outline


by Robert Duval

In the 11th century, a horde of Saracens invaded Asia Minor, including Palestine, precluding the Christians from prostrating themselves before Jesus' Sepulchre. Following that, Pope Urban II convened the Council and proclaimed the holy war. Altogether, eight crusades were fought from 1096 to 1270.

The first crusade ended in 1099 with the conquest of Jerusalem. Nine years later, in 1108, nine knights established themselves in the old Temple of Salomon. They formed the first unit of a sacerdotal - knightly order and became the Knights Templars. They soon built up friendly relations with a group of Imami Arabs (Twelver Shiites) and learnt the Secrets and Mysteries of the Great Opera.

1118 The Knights Templars founded the Order of the Temple. Key figure: Hugues de Payns.

1125 Having learnt the Secrets and the Mysteries of the Great Opera, the Knights Templars elected Twelve Knights. Their task was to guard the Flame of Knowledge in the mythical Castle of Montsalvat, France.

1312 With the permission of the King of France, Philip the Fair, Pope Clemente V decreed the dissolution of the Order. Key figure: Jacques de Molay.

The ideal course of events.

1604 Foundation of the Brotherhood of the Rosicrucians. Key figure: Christian Rosenkreutz.

1776 - Foundation of the Order of the Enlightened. Key figure: Alessandro di Cagliostro.

1827 - Foundation of the Hermetic Brotherhood of the Light. Key figure: Eliphas Levi Zahed.

1905 - Foundation of the Ordo Templi Orientis. Key figure: Aleister Crowley.

1948 - Foundation of the Ordo Rosae Misticae. Key figure: Frank Giano Ripel.

The return of the Knights Templars.

2001 - Foundation of the Order of the Enlightened Knights. Twelve Knights were elected and entrusted with disclosing the Secrets and the Mysteries of the Great Opera. Key figures: Frank G. Ripel and Galbix Red.


The Order of the Enlightened Knights is structured in the following form:

International Head of the O.C.I.: Frank G. Ripel
Sobstitute of the International Head of the O.C.I. for Italian language:
Galbix Red
National Head of the O.C.I. for Italy: Tixian Dark

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