The Gor-Am


by Frank G. Ripel

What is the Mystery of the mystic-magic Disk? It is the Mystery of the Gor-Am Disk, the symbol of Immortality.

When physical death (the first death) occurs, conscience (the spirit) seeps through the fluidic body (soul) and the energetic radiation (aura) of the latter dies out. The fluidic body that contains the conscience frees itself from the physical body, which starts to decompose. After some time, the fluidic body dissolves, too, (second death) and conscience, deprived of its covering, disintegrates (third death). This is the process that leads to the final death.

The alchemic transmutation of the fluidic body (with the aura) and the conscience makes both of them immortal (incorruptibility of the soul and the spirit).

Gor-Am Immortality is passed on - from a distance - to the future Knight of the Disk. When physical death occurs, the Son of Light will remain alive in his thin body for the eternity.

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